Mayor Rhine McLin

The best politicians money can buy: money first, legislate second

I’m a failure as a candidate, because I don’t want to raise scads of money to spend with media companies like the Dayton Daily News, or their sister Channel 7. I don’t want to send attack mailings like Rhine McLin. I don’t want to engage in “sound bite politics.” The issues of Dayton can’t be Read More

What is a legal meeting of the Dayton City Commission?

Since the Mayor decided to finish off the last candidates forum saying that the Commission didn’t hold illegal secret meetings, I thought I’d post the actual language from the Charter and the Sunshine Laws: Meetings of the Commission § 39… the Commissioners shall meet at such times as may be prescribed by ordinance or resolution, Read More

Thoughts on a forum

Last night was another candidates forum. Not a debate. By order of speaking, the Mayor got to take a few final pot shots, without worry of being exposed as a fraud. The two points she made: 1) “The commission doesn’t meet in secret.”  Flat out lie, and breaking the law. The commission is supposed to Read More

But will it be a “REAL DEBATE”- McLin v Leitzell

Finally- something not called a forum or a candidates night- but a debate! Back and forth? Q and A- attack and respond? After 8 years of zero debate in chambers, maybe we’ll see if Mayor McLin is capable of having a substantive discussion on the issues? The Dayton Daily News, WHIO-TV and ThinkTV will host Read More

Bomb squad follies part deux: Mayor McLin and the porcelain pig

It was years ago when City Commissioner Idotha Bootsie Neal came out to her city-supplied car, thought someone had tampered with it, drove to City Hall, and then called the bomb squad, forcing the evacuation of City Hall. Now, we have the Mayor, sending her “aide” (who I’m assuming is on the public payroll) to Read More

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