But will it be a “REAL DEBATE”- McLin v Leitzell

Finally- something not called a forum or a candidates night- but a debate!

Back and forth? Q and A- attack and respond?

After 8 years of zero debate in chambers, maybe we’ll see if Mayor McLin is capable of having a substantive discussion on the issues?

The Dayton Daily News, WHIO-TV and ThinkTV will host a debate between Dayton mayoral candidates Rhine McLin and Gary Leitzell.

The event is open to the public, but registration is required.

* Date: Wednesday, Oct. 14.

* Time: 7 p.m.

* Location: Cox Ohio Publishing Media Center, 1611 S. Main Street, Dayton [map and directions]

If you are attending, you can also submit a question for the candidates in advance

via Dayton mayoral debate online registration.

With WHIO as a co-sponsor and Think-TV it would be obvious to assume it will be televised. Unfortunately, even though the Mayor is on absolute equal footing with the commissioners, there has not been a commission debate.

If you want to attend- you must click on link above and register.

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