Dayton City Charter

Dayton City Charter Changes 2014- issues 13, 14, 15, 16

Finding the summary put out by the city of these charter changes is pretty easy- although it’s not in HTML format- just a PDF: The summary makes it all seem nice and easy. The current Dayton Charter is here: but not accessible to me at this time (luckily I already had a copy Read More

The Dayton Challenges- the charter

One of the reasons Gary Leitzell has my full support is his challenge to other candidates for Mayor to limit their campaign spending: So, let me lay down this challenge because I know full well the two parties will never issue the same. I will NOT spend more than $10,000 cash and $10,000 “in kind” Read More

When adherence to the Dayton City Charter is optional

From the Dayton City Charter, Section 38, part 4: B) For each absence of a Commissioner from a regular meeting of the Commission, unless authorized by a majority vote of all members thereof, there shall be deducted a sum equal to one  percent  of  the  annual  salary  of  such  member.  Absence  from  five  consecutive  regular meetings shall operate to vacate the seat of a member unless such absence be authorized by the Commission.(Amendment adopted by voters, 6-3-75; 11-2-82) Commissioner Dean Lovelace, is once again MIA for an extended period- going back to August 22, 2012. Apparently, he fell, injured his side that was already paralyzed from the stroke he had several years back. The commission has been excusing Read More

When one door closes, another opens

It’s a zen saying: “When one door closes, another opens” -and a quick Google search attributes it to Alexander Graham Bell, but to read this on the DDN site is a bit overwhelming: David Esrati, who lost his bid to become a city commissioners Tuesday, Nov. 3, too won a victory of sorts, Leitzell said. Read More

What is a legal meeting of the Dayton City Commission?

Since the Mayor decided to finish off the last candidates forum saying that the Commission didn’t hold illegal secret meetings, I thought I’d post the actual language from the Charter and the Sunshine Laws: Meetings of the Commission § 39… the Commissioners shall meet at such times as may be prescribed by ordinance or resolution, Read More

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