Thoughts on a forum

Last night was another candidates forum. Not a debate. By order of speaking, the Mayor got to take a few final pot shots, without worry of being exposed as a fraud.

The two points she made:

1) “The commission doesn’t meet in secret.”  Flat out lie, and breaking the law. The commission is supposed to meet once a week by charter, to discuss city business. The times are set to rotate mornings and evenings on Wednesdays. Anything other than those set meetings, must be called by using the process for an emergency meeting. They do this weekly. There are no TV cameras, no minutes, no recordings of their “work sessions.” There is no provision for “work sessions” in the Charter- making them secret, illegal meetings.

2) A flip comment about “civility” and “the team.” Ms. Mayor, there is no “I” in team. You have no clue what a team is, or how it operates. You fail to understand that your job, as stipulated by charter (law) is to be the head of the commission, and that the City Manager is supposed to lead the city. Under your “reign” of city hall, we have barely heard a peep out of the City Managers, but lots from you. Having a “united front” with steady 5-0 votes is not serving this city, or moving us forward. Adding a voice to the commission that asks questions has nothing to do with “civility.” The real question is who do you really speak for, since you at one point were considering stopping citizens from speaking at the commission? Are you just interested in collecting $10,000 donations from demolition contractors from out of town?

On the Mayor’s “big idea” I also have questions:

Mayor Rhine McLin proposed an initiative using the city’s vast, and affordable, housing stock to entice college students to remain in Dayton after they graduate.

“A lot of young people want to live, work and play in the same area,” she said. “Young people would be able to (cheaply) take over houses after they graduate.”

via Candidates challenged with tough questions from young voters.

In a city that you can buy a house for less than the price of a good used car, what kind of “initiative” are you going to do to hand over homes to young college students? You’ve already made home ownership so affordable with your failed policies. You’ll also have to make up your mind if you want to tear down homes in record numbers with the Neighborhood Stabilization Program money- or actually try to fill those homes.

I would much prefer a real debate, to these kind of Q&A sessions, but, that’s beyond my power to make happen. Hint to future forums; compound questions may seem like a smart idea to cover more things in a short period of time, but they allow to much pick-and-choose responses. Ask focused questions if you want to provide an opportunity for real comparisons.

As to my two minute answers, I’m not the best at short form.

I’ve written about all of the things I’ve talked about, at length, in the past on this site. If you look for a walk to work tax credit, bike sharing and bcycle, eliminating corporate welfare, enabling better adaptive reuse of downtown buildings, H1B visas and HUBzones – you’ll find not only a full explanation, but also a discussion. I probably should have said more about my support of regional government/cooperation too, but, didn’t get it in.

As I said many times last night- try to post a question on any of “the teams” websites- and look for a response. Good luck. I have them all listed on the front page of

Any other feedback or discussion from last night? Please comment.

Thank you. Remember, fundraiser tomorrow night- and Tuesday night. I’m not taking $10K checks from demolition contractors like the Mayor- do you have $50 for a night of find food and thoughtful discussion?

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