c[space candidates forum: birth of the “Esrati rule”

Candidates night at c[space hosted by upDayton and the League of Women Voters. Candidates from left to right, Gary Leitzell, Rhine McLin, Nan Whaley, Joey D. Williams and David Esrati. A few thoughts: Good lighting makes for better video. Don’t expect candidates to speak from their seat when there is a HUGE POLE in front Read More

Thoughts on a forum

Last night was another candidates forum. Not a debate. By order of speaking, the Mayor got to take a few final pot shots, without worry of being exposed as a fraud. The two points she made: 1) “The commission doesn’t meet in secret.”  Flat out lie, and breaking the law. The commission is supposed to Read More

The bigger downtown session

I attended the planning session at c{space on Jefferson last night, with a crowd of about 100. It reminded me of every other planning session, going back to the vision 20/20 plan- a professional facilitator, writing ideas down on big post-its, letting people add their 3 cents worth. There were some good ideas, and passionate Read More