Secret Meetings

What is a legal meeting of the Dayton City Commission?

Since the Mayor decided to finish off the last candidates forum saying that the Commission didn’t hold illegal secret meetings, I thought I’d post the actual language from the Charter and the Sunshine Laws: Meetings of the Commission § 39… the Commissioners shall meet at such times as may be prescribed by ordinance or resolution, Read More

Thoughts on a forum

Last night was another candidates forum. Not a debate. By order of speaking, the Mayor got to take a few final pot shots, without worry of being exposed as a fraud. The two points she made: 1) “The commission doesn’t meet in secret.”  Flat out lie, and breaking the law. The commission is supposed to Read More

A video dedicated to Congressman Michael Turner, [R] OH-3

When Mike Turner was Mayor, he had me arrested for a silent symbolic protest. We went to court, not once, or twice, but five times. We offered to not file a lawsuit against the City if they dropped charges, but they insisted that I would have to plead guilty to one. They lost five times. Read More