Kettering Medical Center under investigation by the feds- hires Congressman Turner’s wife

Kettering Medical Center announced to their employees today that they were expecting to be exposed by the Dayton Daily News for being under investigation for Medicaid and Medicare certifications. From the time they were surveyed and notified there was a problem- they did what any hospital does- they hire the wife of a Congressman on the House Oversight committee. That’s right- there’s a reason Lori Turner came on board when she did.

Here is the notice the administration sent out to their staff:

We would like to make you aware that we anticipate media coverage on Wednesday morning that outlines deficiencies found in a recent Ohio Department of Health survey of the Behavioral Medicine Center inpatient unit on Lamme Road in Dayton. (KBMC)

We believe the steps we have taken will fully satisfy CMS concerns, and anticipate a favorable outcome prior to the January 13th deadline. Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center was surveyed by the Ohio Department of Health in mid-December, 2010. Following the survey, the Department advised the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, that certain matters in the mental health area related to suicide attempts, were not in compliance with federal requirements. Due to this finding, KBMC was placed in immediate jeopardy status.

Detail on deficiencies surrounded the classification of four suicide gestures and unfortunately, one successful suicide. Additionally, an employee, in response to a physical threat, allegedly pushed a patient forcefully. That staff member is currently on leave.

CMS will next follow-up with a return visit to KBMC to review the steps we’ve taken and others that we plan to implement. The survey was conducted under Sycamore Hospital’s identification number but was limited to the Behavioral Medicine campus on Lamme Road. However, future surveys may well include both KBMC and Sycamore, and related outpatient facilities.

Because this is a public document, the Dayton Daily News has obtained copies of the detailed CMS report and plans to run the story tomorrow. We are responding to the press accordingly. In future days, we can anticipate additional activity and we will keep you informed.

If Kettering was to fail the compliance tests- their Federal funding would be at jeopardy. Although Kettering Health Network doesn’t take near as many Medicare and Medicaid patients as Premier Health Systems- it would seriously tilt the playing field if they were no longer able to take the federal dollars.

The Dayton Daily recently also reported on the frequency of nepotism at KHN:

For example, given Fred Manchur’s status as KHN’s chief executive officer, KHN’s employment of his son, Richard Manchur, and his son-in-law, Jared Keresoma, creates a workplace scenario that would be prohibited at KHN competitor Premier Health Partners.

via Executives’ relatives more common at KHN.

While the Monarchy of Montgomery County thinks the friends and family plan is the way to work- the Federal Government typically doesn’t agree with those types of polices. Considering KHN very rarely hires non- Seventh Day Adventists to top positions- it should be questionable if they are eligible for federal funding at all- since they are not an equal opportunity employer.

The hiring of Lori Turner should be looked at carefully as a conflict of interest because of these Federal investigations.

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