Hillary Clinton

Throw this Hillary supporter into the “Basket of Deplorables”

Dear Hillary, the DNC, all of the surrogates and the rest of vaunted machine, this is why Bernie Sanders was a serious candidate, even though you did everything you could to discredit him. You’re out of touch. You’re possibly about to blow an election to someone who no one would have considered a serious contender Read More

Who owns the Montgomery County Democratic Party Headquarters?

I attended an organizing meeting for Bernie Sanders for President tonight at the Montgomery County Democratic Party HQ on S. Wilkinson Street. There were about 40 people in attendance. That equals what sometimes shows up for a MCDP meeting. Apparently, there is a question whether Democrats can meet to organize in their own building without Read More

Incentives are a zero sum game- unless you are a CEO or a politician

If we were in Georgia we’d be saying, our governor, sure did us a great favor- spending our tax dollars to bring that ATM/cash register company to our State. In Ohio, we have all the politicians saying “why wouldn’t they talk to us, boo-hoo.” Reality: Both States took a whupping. Georgia will find that in Read More

How to vote in the primary: declaring your party affilliation

I’ve been asked a lot about this while walking door-to-door, and many voters are a bit confused by Ohio’s closed primary system. To vote in the presidential primary on Tuesday, you have to declare a party and ask for a party ballot. Here is something I found on the League of Women’s Voters site as Read More

Mitakides still asking for money, still saying nothing

Just got an e-mail from Jane Mitakides. Apparently $5K from a DC PAC and an average donation of $995 is not enough, she still needs more. $50,000 of her own money needs to be backed up with your cash (it’s only a loan). Here is her plea: Dear Friends- It’s Leap Day and you know Read More

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