Hillary is reading my site- but missing my target.

Juan directed me to Politico.com and this article about Hillary’s latest statements.

Clinton pits herself against business – Mike Allen – Politico.com
“We’ll take on the credit card companies so that you and your families aren’t drowning in debt. Here in Ohio, payday lenders are actually taking Social Security checks from our elderly. That’s outrageous. I’ve proposed real consumer protections against abusive interest rates — capping them at no more than 30 percent and working to get them far lower. And I’ll ban those hidden fees and sudden rate hikes, because credit card companies shouldn’t be able to bait and switch you and your family.”

“We’ll take on the insurance companies and tell them they can no longer discriminate against the sickest people who need care the most. They spend more than $50 billion a year trying to figure out how not to cover people. Well, I’m going to save them a fortune and a whole lot of time, because here’s the new policy: No more discrimination period. So even if you have a pre-existing condition, you can get the health insurance you need — no questions asked.”

“We’ll take on Wall Street and tell them: you’re going to finally pay your fair share in taxes. Because it’s outrageous that a teacher making $50,000 pays a higher tax rate than some Wall Street investment managers making $50 million. And I’ll create a bipartisan Corporate Waste Commission to review all those corporate subsidies — and propose a comprehensive way to end them. We can save billions of dollars a year and put it to work for you.

Now, look at my post on how to do the economic stimulus: Economic Stimulus the Esrati way and note: I want to cap credit card rates at 18.9% I believe the current cap is set at 29.9% so, Hillary is making speeches about doing nothing (however payday lenders are charging significantly more- and a cap of 30% for them would be a good start).

I haven’t completed my health insurance post- but, I’m wondering why we pay for “Health Insurance” instead of just paying for “Health Care”- I’d rather give my money to the doc’s who make us healthy, than the insurance companies that make us go nuts with their bookie like business of insurance.

I don’t want my health care handicapped- I want it guaranteed.

As to Wall Street- it’s not just the investment managers taking home the loot- it’s the whole c-suite stock options and golden parachutes, the insurance and banking industry and their program trading- they’ve turned Wall Street from a serious credible investment vehicle into a Vegas Casino- where only the house ends up winning. It’s time to shut-r-down and get back to real financial business.

Face it, anytime you have to beg a few hundred million to get your message out- no matter who you are, you’ll owe to many favors to do any real change no matter who you are or what you say.

Campaign finance reform has to be at the top of any list. It’s time we just paid out of our tax dollars, shortened the season, and made these candidates use the web to tell their story. These electrons are a lot cheaper than their style of elections.

Yeah, I’m David Esrati and I’m dumbfounded by the lack of common sense- and I approve this message.

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