Yet another case for National Health Insurance

It seems the Dayton Daily News got scooped again by another newspaper- this time out of Tennessee. When the Mazer Corporation closed Dec. 31, 2008, without filing the proper notice with the State- it seems they also stole 3 weeks of health insurance from their soon to be laid off workers:

A new development has added insult to injury for former employees of Mazer Corporation. Former employees are finding out their health insurance was gone long before they were sent home….

Three weeks ago Mazer Corporation told their employees they’d be laid off, but they left one thing out—that their health insurance had lapsed a month earlier.

“According to our handbook, anytime a termination at midnight that night that’s when all your benefits and health insurance is terminated,“ said Hanneken.

Instead, health insurance was terminated on December 3, but Mazer continued to deduct premiums.

via Former Mazer Corp. Employees Had No Insurance | TriCities.

If President Obama really wants to see an economic stimulus- it’s time to create a national, single payer health plan with simplified reimbursement schedules. It’s time to truly level the playing field between small and large businesses in the delivery of health care benefits to hard-working Americans (at least those of us who still have jobs). Depending on this arcane system of employer controlled “group health plans” makes it near impossible for people to truly have free will in selecting jobs.

We deserve a plan as good as the one Congress gets. Especially, with the deficits we are about to incur bailing out the financial wizards of Wall Street.

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