Fayette County’s new congressional districts for 2012

With the last-minute changes to the congressional districts in December 2011, residents of the northern part of Fayette County found themselves with a new incumbent congressman, Mike Turner, and a new divide in their community. This article from the Washington Court House Record-Herald comes in handy to find out who your congressman is or will be:

For those who are still uncertain as to which Congressional District they now live in since the redrawing of Ohio’s district lines, the Fayette County Board of Elections website has a feature that can help.

By visiting www.electionsonthe.net/oh/fayette/ and clicking on the “Am I Registered?” link on the left side of the page, registered voters can see which U.S. Congressional, State Senate, State House, and Court of Appeals districts in which they reside and what races they will be voting on at Tuesday’s primary election.

When Ohio’s lawmakers split Fayette County into the newly-formed 10th, the northern half of the county, and 15th Congressional District, the southern half, there was much uncertainty among county residents. Through the use of of a satellite mapping system put together by Scott Cormany, the GIS Director with the Fayette County Auditor’s Office, the local Board of Elections office was able to pinpoint the district in which every county residence is located.

“There’s not much change at all with the polling locations,” said Jamie Brooks, the director of the local Board of Elections. “There is only two voting precincts that are split into two different Congressional Districts.”

These two precincts are the Jasper Township precinct and the Union Township Southwest precinct. Only the southern-most corner of Jasper Township and a portion of Union Township below the city of Washington C.H. is located in the 15th District.

The 10th Congressional District includes: the entire city of Washington C.H. (all 11 precincts), the Jefferson Township north and south precincts, the village of Jeffersonville, Madison Township, Marion Township, Paint Township, the village of Bloomingburg, the Union Township east and north precincts as well as part of the southwest precinct, and part of Jasper Township.

The 15th Congressional District includes: Concord Township, Green Township, Perry Township, Wayne Township, part of Jasper Township and part of the Union Township southwest precinct.

Registered Republicans who live in the 10th Congressional District will have to decide between Mike Turner, John D. Anderson, and Edward Focke Breen for Congressional representative. For U.S. Senator, they will vote for one of Josh Mandel, Michael L. Pryce, David W. Dodt, Donna K. Glisman, and Eric LaMont Gregory.

Registered Democrats who live in the 10th Congressional District will have to decide between Mack Van Allen, David Esrati, Olivia Freeman, Tom McMasters, Sharen Swartz Neuhardt and Ryan Steele for Congressional representative. For U.S. Senator, the only choice is incumbent Sherrod Brown.

Registered Republicans who live in the 15th Congressional District, will vote for one of Charles Chope and Steve Stivers for Congressional representative. For U.S. Senator, they will also vote for one of Mandel, Pryce, Dodt, Glisman and Gregory.

Registered Democrats who live in the 15th Congressional District will decide between Pat Lang and Scott Wharton for Congressional representative. For U.S. Senator, the only candidate is incumbent Sherrod Brown.

From the field of Republican candidates for President of the United States, all of Fayette County will choose between: Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

For Democrats who would like to vote in the Republican primary or Republicans who would like to vote in the Democratic primary, all’s you have to do is ask for a Republican or Democratic ballot. However for those who choose to do that, they will be registered with that party for the next two primary elections.

via Where do I?vote? – Welcome to the W.C.H. Record-Herald – Washington Court House, OH.

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