The data and the metrics of civilization

The UK just had its last conventional census, from now on they are going to do data mining to get their answers instead of the 210+ year old traditional door-knocking every ten years. Don’t expect the U.S. to follow suit anytime soon- we officially ditched the insane British measuring system back in 1975 but when Read More

Why term limits were a really bad idea.

My father told me before the term limit legislation that we already had them, they were called “elections.” I didn’t agree- because we had already transformed “elections” into “auctions”- but that is why campaign finance reform should be first and foremost on anyone’s mind who wants to create “change we can believe in.” The Dayton Read More

What’s the plan candidates?

Next year, Dayton gets to chose a majority of the seats on the Dayton City Commission. The Mayor, Nan Whaley and Joey Williams are up for reelection. Last cycle- Dean Lovelace and Matt Joseph ran unopposed. That can’t happen again. “Counting to three” is the key phrase among Commission watchers- you have to be able Read More

If today was election day: Time to reevaluate the election process

I just spent a half hour chasing my dog through the snow. No one was out. Nothing was moving. Had this storm hit last Monday night, SW Ohio wouldn’t have had an election. However, it’s more than just the issue of getting to the polls, it’s a matter of what we do while we’re there. Read More

Ohio already has an optical scan network in place… you just won’t believe where.

So, the Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner wants to put an optical scan system into place for the November election: Will Ohio overhaul its voting systems? For the Nov. 4 presidential election, Brunner wants to scrap $81.7 million in electronic touch-screen voting machines and spend $31 million for a new system that uses paper ballots Read More

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