instant runoff voting

Ohio State crys for Jim Tressel

The American integrity standard?

Typically, you won’t read about sports on unless it’s about youth sports and recreation programs. But as the entire city of Columbus is now embroiled in a huge debate- not over the raising of the debt limit, abortion bills or our involvement in three undeclared wars, but over the resignation of the Ohio State Read More

Primary or no primary? 5 Dayton City Commission candidates turn in signatures

[UPDATE] The day after turn-in deadline, the DDN now reports that Larry Ealy has also turned in petitions to be on the ballot. I’m not quite sure how this happened- the Board of Elections told me only 4 had filed- and I was leaving at just before 4- and there was only one candidate Read More

The intentions of the public

If you had a powerful service, that could improve everyone’s living conditions, and was 100% free, and only took a few minutes a year to gain benefit year round- you’d think you have a pretty easy sale. Unfortunately, in the United States voting is something that isn’t universally accepted (about half the people eligible to Read More

Dejection day

It’s election day. Or, as I’ve come to see it, dejection day. No matter who wins today, less than 10% of the population will be bummed out/depressed/pissed/frustrated and a little more than that, will be happy. The other 80 plus percent- won’t give a crap (remember, less than half the people who can vote are Read More