Elections that matter- and those that don’t

If the money spent on the Dee Gillis vs. Bill Beagle race were spent on a public works project, or hiring another (or 10) police officers in a rough neighborhood it would matter a lot. Instead, campaigns run by twenty somethings who have no idea about advertising has, or should embarrass both candidates, has been Read More

Money, smarts, and politics

A few videos that I’ve watched lately that I think you should watch too. Daniel Pink– on what motivates people to do great things dispels the myth that our grossly paid CEOs are worth the money: A lot of people have watched this video- and it came to me via Seth Godin. I love the Read More

Save it or make it? A strategy for cities.

I’m working on a piece about changes in an East Dayton community. It’s been ignored by the city and the public for too long- virtually written off. It’s where I’m finding signs of the strongest thinking about how to solve problems within “the system” that we’ve created- and lauded (rightly or wrongly) as the greatest Read More

Avatar, Pantheism and vlogging

Merry Christmas. For something entirely different (but you are still stuck with me and Greg)- we went to see Avatar in 3d. Amazing visually. Of course, the movie wraps up a sugarcoated version of religion and politics as a subtext- which gives us something to talk about. They even have a vlogger in the movie…. Read More

An apology and a poor choice of words: Union + crybabies

I didn’t record my interview with Lynn Hulsey and neither did she. If I did or didn’t say it- it doesn’t matter, it’s in the paper- so it must be true. “Crybaby” is a strong term- and applying it to the hard working people in Dayton’s proud union shops is in no way how I Read More