Dr. Martin Luther King

It’s time to deny service to Mississippi

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is gay. According to Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, some people are allowed to decline him service. Mississippi’s governor signed far-reaching legislation allowing individuals and institutions with religious objections to deny services to gay couples… The measure signed by Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi allows churches, religious charities and privately held Read More

Selected Martin Luther King Jr. quotes to think about

Looking forward toward the next election- we have a decision to make. Either vote for the safe, same-old, candidates from the two parties who can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that they no longer seem to represent us. We are held hostage and forced to listed to their trash-talking, outrageously expensive “campaigns.” Read More

Martin Luther King Jr. and my father

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day- and we had marches, speeches and memorial remembering the King Legacy. We often hear from those who marched with Dr. King- but, not many who say they didn’t see eye to eye with the legend. My father knew Martin, when he was just Martin- as students at Boston Read More

Thoughts on electibility of a City Commissioner

Dean Lovelace ran three times before he pulled out of a general election so that he could run in a special election and win. Before that, he had been pushing for dividing the city up into districts so that he would have a shot. After he was elected, he never once pushed for districts, and Read More