Abner Orick

Reality: 15- 20,000 votes is all it takes.

Here is the sad part of Dayton politics. Even with big bucks spent in the Turner races, with high visibility and 40K total voters, the commission winners rarely get more than 22K votes- and that modern record belongs to Joey Williams. It’s rare that an un-endorsed candidate makes it in a general election. Or that Read More

Thoughts on electibility of a City Commissioner

Dean Lovelace ran three times before he pulled out of a general election so that he could run in a special election and win. Before that, he had been pushing for dividing the city up into districts so that he would have a shot. After he was elected, he never once pushed for districts, and Read More

From ending gun violence meeting- to meeting a gun on the street

I’m still not sure what I was thinking, or if I was thinking. But, it has me thinking (and writing in a stream of consciousness style- sorry). I was headed back from the Wesley Center on Delphos where I had met with Dr. Robert Walker and Shallom Coleman and others to discuss ways to stop Read More

Republicans have a dog in the fight: Gary Leitzell for Mayor

He wears an earring, he talks with a slightly British accent, and he’s not a lawyer- in a strange twist of events, the Montgomery County GOP is going to back Gary Leitzell for Mayor against Rhine McLin in the mayoral race according to the Dayton Daily News: A screening committee for the Montgomery County Republican Read More