Dayton Public Schools Superintendent

Why Dunbar lost. Why DPS lost.

There wasn’t supposed to be an executive session at last Thursday’s Dayton Board of Education meeting, but there was. It was over 2 Dunbar assistant coaching positions. Sheila Taylor took offense to seeing Alfred Powell Sr. and Darran Powell, get hired as Assistant Boys Track Coach and Assistant Girls Track Coach respectively. What happened in Read More

A note to Rhonda Corr Saegert, future superintendent of Dayton Public Schools

Dear Ms. Corr-Saegert, I’m the one who asked you about school grade alignment changes in the middle of the ship sinking, and yes, I’m also from Cleveland (Cleveland Heights) and will be glued to the game tonight. In your first meeting with DPS staff, you mentioned that a blogger had criticized you for leading with Read More

The three ring circus for Dayton Public Schools Superintendent

Citizen participation is something we love to do in Dayton. Groupthink is rarely the way you solve difficult problems. A quote from Ross Perot has stuck with me for a long time, “Whenever anything is being accomplished, I have learned, it is being done by a monomaniac with a mission.” Leadership isn’t about appeasing the Read More

Dr. Wishy Washy Baguirov, fiddling while the ship sinks

The Dayton Board of Education is lead by Dr. Adil Baguirov, who seems to think that the world waits for his decisions. Apparently, the 2 year deadline for State takeover hasn’t lit a fire under his butt, but it seems to be under others. Today 3 Dayton Public School teachers quit, including an Engineering lead Read More

The physics of education: Geoffrey Canada challenges Dayton

“No one is coming to save your kids. You’re going to have to save your own kids”- Geoffrey Canada speaking at UD to a packed house of people who want answers to how we’re going to teach our kids. Of course, the irony is- that’s why they asked Geoffrey here to speak- to tell us Read More

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