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The physics of education: Geoffrey Canada challenges Dayton

“No one is coming to save your kids. You’re going to have to save your own kids”- Geoffrey Canada speaking at UD to a packed house of people who want answers to how we’re going to teach our kids. Of course, the irony is- that’s why they asked Geoffrey here to speak- to tell us Read More

Dayton Public Schools untold stories: Thurgood Marshall HS

I think what bothers me most about the no-bid contract that Dayton Public Schools awarded to an out-of-town “PR Firm” is the stories that aren’t being told. It’s not just the PR firm that’s failed- it’s the leadership of the system that has allowed the public to hear all the bad things and practically none Read More

A new direction for Dayton: invest in our own social capital

NCR is leaving the building. If you’re poor and living in Dayton, you probably don’t care. Sure, there will be a few less people wanting to hire you to clean their house, detail their car, or pay taxes to support your local government that is doing little to help you out of the poverty cycle. Read More