Dr. Wishy Washy Baguirov, fiddling while the ship sinks

Dr. Adil Baguirov slowing down the process of hiring a new school superintendent

Dr. Baguirov dallies along while the Schools fail.

The Dayton Board of Education is lead by Dr. Adil Baguirov, who seems to think that the world waits for his decisions. Apparently, the 2 year deadline for State takeover hasn’t lit a fire under his butt, but it seems to be under others.

Today 3 Dayton Public School teachers quit, including an Engineering lead at Thurgood Marshall who is going to Springfield schools (update as of Friday, Jun 9- he’s remaining). Between the leadership vacuum, the impending takeover, and lower pay scales, everyone who has to depend on Dayton Public Schools for their paycheck is running scared and away from an already demoralized district.

Dr. Adil Baguirov, well, he’s out of town, so no new round of interviews till next week. One of their finalists already is probably going elsewhere. Time doesn’t wait, but Adil does. And note, the candidate from Beavercreek- with a much smaller responsibility than what the two DPS candidates have- was being paid at least $113K a year. That’s probably more than Gregory Roberson or David Lawrence make for dealing with a district twice that size- but, no- Dr. Baguirov doesn’t worry that maybe one of them might go apply for that newly open position and say “we’re done waiting” for his extended, leisurely timeline for selecting a superintendent. Remember- Beavercreek isn’t failing. It’s not at risk of a state takeover. It has money, computers, facilities, and, no one gets stabbed on the playground in broad daylight.

Why the board kow tows to the bullying of Dr. Baguirov is a mystery. There are six other people there, who have to realize that the market for superintendents willing to risk taking over a failed district for a 2 year turnaroud is kind of slim. But, wait, did I hear he wants to bring in even more candidates, and start over?

That a plan wasn’t firmly in place when they didn’t renew Lori Ward’s contract is the first sign of a clueless operation. That they’ve stalled so long that their candidate pool is shrinking is the second. That they don’t understand the cost of turnover, of firing, of learning curves- including the all important local socio/political landscape is beyond comprehension.

At this point there is only one candidate that they should hand the reins over to, and everyday they wait, is a few more empty positions to fill, and a day closer to the takeover. Make the decision next Tuesday or resign Dr. Baguirov.

Dayton can’t afford to lose any more assets on your education in hiring leaders.


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