Dayton Mayor Rhine Mclin

Sorry if I make you uncomfortable.

Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. Fear of having to think. Einstein said that  “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” At one time, we thought the world was flat and the center of the universe. We also believed man couldn’t fly and the Read More

Money may not buy happiness, but it might buy a politician

The pre-election campaign finance reports were due yesterday. I hope to have the complete McLin and Whaley reports online early next week- because, they won’t publish anything truly informative on their sites. From the Dayton Daily News today: McLin declared contributions of just more than $51,862, from about 170 supporters, including $10,000 from Kitt C. Read More

Things the city shouldn’t do.

I don’t care how tight the budget is, there are some things you don’t cut, or add charges to. Charging volunteer youth leagues for use of ball fields on a daily basis is one: Beginning this season, the city is charging all non-city leagues a flat rate of $50 per ball field, per day to Read More

Leitzell announces bid for Mayor: DDN ignores my announcement for commission months ago

Neighborhood activist Gary Leitzell announced that he is challenging Rhine McLin for her seat next year as an independent. He even got a write up in the Dayton Daily yesterday (amazing since I announced months ago- and told you he was running as well). I am making an early announcement that will explain why things Read More

Another junket- and what about open meetings?

If I’m not mistaken, send 2 members of the County Commission out- and you are in violation of the Sunshine laws. Area government and community leaders are departing Friday for their planned trade trip to Israel. The mission will focus on sensor technologies, advanced materials, aircraft and present investment opportunities to companies located there to Read More