Leitzell announces bid for Mayor: DDN ignores my announcement for commission months ago

Neighborhood activist Gary Leitzell announced that he is challenging Rhine McLin for her seat next year as an independent. He even got a write up in the Dayton Daily yesterday (amazing since I announced months ago- and told you he was running as well).

I am making an early announcement that will explain why things are slower at the “Crack House”. I am going to run for Mayor next year and have just slapped together a web site and blog to use in my campaign. I shouldn’t have to post to the site very often. It is a tool to allow me to connect with residents of the city. I have added a banner in the right sidebar that links to “Dayton Mayor”. There is a petition process that is quite time consuming. I hope to be through with it soon so that I am ready to do more work on the house. Don’t worry, this won’t become a political blog. I’m really not a politician. Just a mover and a shaker who gets things done.

Now I can say that the worse thing that could happen to me personally is that I get elected, because I would have to do the job and we certainly are facing some challenges here in Dayton. I am willing to face those challenges but I won’t be too disappointed if the voters don’t think that I am the best person for the job. On the other hand, we are certainly going to have the right house if I can just get things finished!

via This Old Crack House.

Leitzell sounds like I did 20 years ago- when I first ran for Commission. I too refused to accept contributions- instead capping myself with spending $1000 of my own money. It was before the Internet, and before I understood what it really takes to win a campaign. Even though the Mayor’s job is part-time, and only pays $36K a year- we’ve seen races cost close to a million (the Capizzi/Turner race, and the first Turner/McLin race).

This isn’t exactly a playground for the feint at heart. In my first run against Clay Dixon for Mayor, I had the windows of my office shot out on two consecutive nights, was attacked by a union chief, attacked by Dixon, received death threats and written off by the Dayton Daily News as an “advertising man with nothing to say” even though my campaign literature was 11×17 and full of ideas for change.

Best of luck Mr. Leitzell, I’ll be running into you a lot in my campaign for commission.

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