Things the city shouldn’t do.

I don’t care how tight the budget is, there are some things you don’t cut, or add charges to. Charging volunteer youth leagues for use of ball fields on a daily basis is one:

Beginning this season, the city is charging all non-city leagues a flat rate of $50 per ball field, per day to use its baseball diamonds.

It would cost Pinewood an estimated $2,500 to play games at Belmont Park and double that to also practice there, said James M. Walker, president of the Pinewood association.

via Local youth baseball leagues feel economic pinch.

That said, I do think the association should be asked to hold fundraisers each year to help upgrade and maintain their home parks. From selling ads on the fences to local business,  to car washes and the like. Some contribution is fair- per day, per field just makes me wonder if I go down to the field at the end of my street- am I going to get a ticket for playing?

But, it seems that we do have money to buy our part-time Mayor lunch and send her on junkets:

Dayton’s and Akron’s mayors have city charge cards; the Columbus mayor does not.

Dayton and Akron pay for their mayor’s travel. Columbus uses a combination of public and private funds.

In these three large Ohio cities, the policies on travel and expenses differ.

Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin is reimbursed for meals in the city that concern economic development or other official city business, said Kery Gray, a spokesman for the city commission, which is like a city council.

McLin, who is a part-time mayor — Dayton also has a city manager — has a city charge card but primarily pays for her expenses and is reimbursed, Gray said.

via – How mayors elsewhere pay their expenses.

Three trips overseas in the name of “economic development” while we’re holding up 3rd graders for user fees?

We have to focus on livability before we try to hustle people to relocate here. Would it make sense for the Mayor of Riverside to make those trips? Why do we have the Dayton Development Coalition? Isn’t that their job?

The Pinewood Athletic League has figured a way to work an end-run around the city policy by playing at the fields at Kemp School.

The only way I know to stop Mayor McLin from being the queen of Dayton on the taxpayers’ dime is to vote for Gary Leitzel.

If times are that tight that we have to squeeze the kids, it’s time to stop giving the Mayor a free lunch.

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