When adherence to the Dayton City Charter is optional

From the Dayton City Charter, Section 38, part 4:

B) For each absence of a Commissioner from a regular meeting of the Commission, unless authorized by a majority vote of all members thereof, there shall be deducted a sum equal to one  percent  of  the  annual  salary  of  such  member.  Absence  from  five  consecutive  regular meetings shall operate to vacate the seat of a member unless such absence be authorized by the Commission.(Amendment adopted by voters, 6-3-75; 11-2-82)

Commissioner Dean Lovelace, is once again MIA for an extended period- going back to August 22, 2012. Apparently, he fell, injured his side that was already paralyzed from the stroke he had several years back. The commission has been excusing his absences over and over, meaning his pay isn’t docked, nor are his duties being performed.

The citizens are getting shortchanged on representation and on their tax dollars.

Considering the maniacal attention to the charter when it comes to the standards for getting elected, why the lax enforcement of it when it comes to Commissioner Lovelace. It’s time for an investigation and a special election.

Had this been Gary Leitzell, the four democrats would have been calling for his vacating of the seat- and Nan Whaley would be proclaiming herself mayor.

Dean never would have been elected had it not been for him switching from a regular election to a special election. Of course, once you’re elected, it’s hard to be sent packing. It’s time to either abide by the charter- or admit it’s all a farce and carry on, but someone needs to ask why the Commission isn’t demanding his return or his resignation.

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