When one door closes, another opens

It’s a zen saying: “When one door closes, another opens” -and a quick Google search attributes it to Alexander Graham Bell, but to read this on the DDN site is a bit overwhelming:

David Esrati, who lost his bid to become a city commissioners Tuesday, Nov. 3, too won a victory of sorts, Leitzell said.

“He’s got an open door to the Dayton mayor now. He’s never had that before. We’ve become good acquaintances over the last several months.”

Throughout his campaign, Esrati had called for an end to City Commission work sessions that are not broadcast on television and no minutes are taken for public consumption. Esrati called the meetings a violation of the City Charter. Leitzell says he will be looking into that.

“If we feel the work sessions are necessary, I say we document them, do it in a legal way that follows the City Charter,” Leitzell said.

via ‘I am in charge now,’ Dayton Mayor-elect Gary Leitzell says.

I’m honored to be held in such regard by Mayor Elect Leitzell, but totally cognizant of what the voters said yesterday about my candidacy. I’ve still got to earn their trust and respect, as does Gary, and the way to do that is to follow through with trust-building exercises like making sure minutes are kept and posted of ALL meetings of the Commission.

In the next two months Gary will find that he has lots of new “friends” and a lot of them will have money. It’s a real test. If you don’t believe me, trust my searches- “Is Gary Leitzell married” brought someone to my site- and no one asked that before he won.

There are four years worth of posts and ideas for Dayton on this site- and they are free to all to use, not just Gary. I’m honored to be held in high regard by him, and hope that we can work together to push new ideas into our community, and that we can build a base that can present new, independent candidates to give voters new choices and have real debates and discussion about the future of Dayton.

And, if I do go through that open door in City Hall to the Mayor’s office, it’s my goal to keep it open, for all to hear and see what’s going on in City Hall. Let the sunshine in on all City Business from here on out.

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And I found out today that I work with someone on your hockey team.  I won’t post who on open forum as he is a bit more private than that.  I can’t believe that I’m good friends with him and your name never came up!  I mentioned that I was bummed you didn’t win and he thought it was great I voted for ya!  I’m ecstatic for Gary though.



Congrats on getting over 9,000 votes.

I dropped my yard sign off at your office, but will be happy to put one up again in a couple years.

Keep fighting the good fight and trying to move our City forward however you can.  Just try to be slightly less confrontational, and I think you’ll eventually find the recipe for political success.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic about having a new Mayor.  I look forward to seeing what Gary can do.

Thomas Nealeigh
Thomas Nealeigh

Hey David –
While disappointed that you did not win – I am glad to read in your blog how at least there are some positive aspects for your future in this election – and the future of this city. I look forward to hearing and discussing with you more of your continued work  — and, frankly, to working with you to create improvement in the City of Dayton. Take care!