If we really wanted reliable elections.

Besides flunking economics, congress has flunked how to do a statistically verifiable and legitimate  election. Of course, they can always count on the people who make voting machines to contribute to their campaign funds. The article below, in full, talks about how Dennis Kucinich paid for a recount- and it came up wrong, every time. I’ve wondered for years, why we don’t have elections on a national holiday, like the Fourth of July- it is the day we celebrate our freedom, isn’t it?

Here is a description of the “fool proof” system we use to run elections for other democracies- just not our own:

Column: What’s wrong with this voting picture? – Marblehead, MA – Marblehead Reporter
First, the vote is held on Sunday, when no one is working. Voters identify themselves by thumbprint and then enter an area where observers from all the political parties as well as from international agencies such as the Carter Center, the Organization of American States and the European Union are present. Posters and political fliers used during the campaign identify candidates by photo and party identification, and all computer screens in the country match these images exactly.

Entering a private space, the voter touches the Olivetti computer screen, then takes the printout and compares it to his or her vote. When satisfied, the voter reenters the observed area and places his or her paper ballot in a box. Before leaving, each voter dips a finger in purple ink to prevent multiple voting.
When the voting places close (each has perhaps a half dozen computers in use), half the boxes are chosen at random, and the printouts in them are counted and compared with the computer records. Only if they match are they sent on to the non-partisan Central Election Commission that tallies the final numbers.

How hard can this be? Really?

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