Websitetology seminar

What brings people to

One of the advantages of having a website with a ton of content about Dayton, going back to 2005 is you can sense what’s going on by seeing what people are searching for- and bringing them to the site. I check my stats almost daily, and if I see a lot of searches for someone, Read More

Dayton Daily News puts up a paywall: $9.99 a month

I used to be a subscriber 7 days a week. I read the paper front to back and hated to start the day without it. Unfortunately, towards the end, getting the newspaper on my doorstep before 6 a.m.  was a major problem for them- and I finally gave up when they refused to match my Read More

How has this site impacted you?

Before I threw my hat into the ring for Congress, I was asked to speak at the Dayton Rotary as part of a panel on blogs/Web 2.0 and how it was changing things. I’ll be on stage with Bill Pote from Dayton Most Metro and David Bowman. I’m sort of the “Granddaddy” of Dayton blogs- Read More