Web 2.0

Some updates on this site: esrati.com

I’ve been publishing this blog since January 21, 2006. That’s 1028 days, with an average of .74 posts per day (758 posts). We average 4.46 comments a day (5,545 comments). In Oct 2008 there were 13,995 unique visitors. We’re averaging 711 visits per day. This month isn’t quite halfway there and we’ve had 8,258 unique Read More

How has this site impacted you?

Before I threw my hat into the ring for Congress, I was asked to speak at the Dayton Rotary as part of a panel on blogs/Web 2.0 and how it was changing things. I’ll be on stage with Bill Pote from Dayton Most Metro and David Bowman. I’m sort of the “Granddaddy” of Dayton blogs- Read More