January 2011

Time to test the Civil Service Board?

Can you imagine a private business suing itself to force a change in its hiring process? Didn’t think so. Somehow- our city can’t figure out a way to hire qualified people and promote them. Apparently, this is rocket science. And, it’s costing us a lot to “fix” as well as for “remediation.” Considering much of Read More

Quoted in DBJ about Dayton Diode- our hackerspace

Page 3 of Dayton Business Journal, January 28, 2011, published on the 25th anniversary of me buying 113 Bonner Street for $14,500- I’m quoted about economic development; David Esrati, a local political blogger and chief creative officer of Dayton-based advertising agency The Next Wave, said Dayton Diode represents true economic development because it boosts the Read More

Why don’t bankers go to jail when breaking the law?

As a veteran, living in a military town, this story offends me. That said- the inaction of our country’s lawmakers to enforce their own laws should bring questions of their fitness. Despite having a law on the books to protect service members from losing their homes while fighting our war, the New York Times tells Read More

Bulk waste fees, false alarm fees- why not a police and fire fee?

In cost-cutting moves the city started rationing bulk waste pickups years ago. To cut down on false burglar alarm calls- a progressive fine was put in place for too many false calls. It’s time to start dealing with bad actors in the community by charging fees to the property for number of police calls. That’s Read More

For the economic development gurus in Montgomery County

We’re investing our future in cutting edge technology. The four key industries according to the wizards who adopted “Get Midwest” as our rally cry- say they are: Advanced Materials and Manufacturing The unique and compelling nature of our industry allows us to quickly transform innovations into processes and products. Aerospace R&D The advances achieved by Read More

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