Why don’t bankers go to jail when breaking the law?

As a veteran, living in a military town, this story offends me.

That said- the inaction of our country’s lawmakers to enforce their own laws should bring questions of their fitness.

Despite having a law on the books to protect service members from losing their homes while fighting our war, the New York Times tells a sad story of our governments inability to hold anyone on Wall Street responsible- for anything:

While Sgt. James B. Hurley was away at war, he lost a heartbreaking battle at home.

In violation of a law intended to protect active military personnel from creditors, agents of Deutsche Bank foreclosed on his small Michigan house, forcing Sergeant Hurley’s wife, Brandie, and her two young children to move out and find shelter elsewhere.

When the sergeant returned in December 2005, he drove past the densely wooded riverfront property outside Hartford, Mich. The peaceful little home was still there — winter birds still darted over the gazebo he had built near the water’s edge — but it almost certainly would never be his again. Less than two months before his return from the war, the bank’s agents sold the property to a buyer in Chicago for $76,000.

via Foreclosure for Reservist on Active Duty Prompts 4-Year Legal Battle – NYTimes.com.

And, why is it ok to impose a 6% cap on home interest rates for the military- and not for all of us- while losing jobs because corporate chieftains failed miserably? We’re now paying millions to defend these arrogant, overpaid “executives” from prosecution- for fraud– instead of throwing them in jail and appropriating their assets.

If you rob a bank and steal a couple of thousand dollars- you go to jail with representation from a public defender. If you rob the bank of millions- in salary and by having the financial system tank- you get the best lawyers the taxpayers can buy.

The real risk in screwing our servicemen and women over- is they have the tools and the training to actually go take over Wall Street- and Washington- and give this country back to the people.

The tea party isn’t too far off of what is coming down the pike if the people in Washington don’t stop eating the lobbyists’ caviar, sipping the Kool-Aid and believing that they can continue to allow the rich to steal from the poor- especially those who are willing to die to protect our “freedoms.”

There may not be any greater travesty than what this solider has gone through- other than that the American public is asleep at the wheel.

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