For the economic development gurus in Montgomery County

We’re investing our future in cutting edge technology. The four key industries according to the wizards who adopted “Get Midwest” as our rally cry- say they are: Advanced Materials and Manufacturing The unique and compelling nature of our industry allows us to quickly transform innovations into processes and products. Aerospace R&D The advances achieved by Read More

Let’s raise the cost of doing business to keep business here: idiot logic

It’s bad enough that Ohio has a system of jurisdictions set up in the 1790s that makes so many tax districts and levying organizations that all require overhead- making Ohio an expensive place to live and work. Just look at how many “Mayors” the area known to the world as Dayton  has- and then how Read More

What would $600 million do in Dayton now?

Imagine if you could wave a wand and travel back to the year 2000- and have $600 million of public money to invest- in the things public money was supposed to be used for? Or, even give it back to the taxpayers? A Dayton Daily News investigation found more than $1.5 billion in public and Read More

UltraCell = UltraRipOff

The Dayton Business Journal reports today that UltraCell, which has had its hand out since it landed in Vandalia- is closing operations in Ohio. Politicians make lousy venture capitalists- since the money they are playing with is our tax dollars. And don’t just consider the money that we put into this venture as a waste- Read More

Responsible tax dollar management: end job creation grants

While the nation is focused on the auto bailout, there has been a long history of politicians handing out our tax dollars for “job creation” without any responsibility. Promise “job creation” and get free money. However, when you don’t create jobs, or even lay people off, the tax dollars don’t come back. Read this about Read More