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Why don’t bankers go to jail when breaking the law?

As a veteran, living in a military town, this story offends me. That said- the inaction of our country’s lawmakers to enforce their own laws should bring questions of their fitness. Despite having a law on the books to protect service members from losing their homes while fighting our war, the New York Times tells Read More

Who made money in the collapse

If you listen to the pundits and the politicians, you’ll hear all kinds of excuses for why our entire economy collapsed virtually overnight. Lots of blame on sub-prime loans- and even that the government was responsible for pushing people into homes they couldn’t afford. It’s all total BS, but finding someone credible to point out Read More

If the Fed won’t fight the foreclosure mess- maybe the people will

While waiting in my second line for a new iPhone yesterday, I saw the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer (refreshingly- a newspaper with real news on the front page) which had this article: Price Hill residents sue bank | Cincinnati Enquirer | Cincinnati.Com A Price Hill group sued an international bank Thursday, saying it Read More