For the economic development gurus in Montgomery County

We’re investing our future in cutting edge technology.

The four key industries according to the wizards who adopted “Get Midwest” as our rally cry- say they are:

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

The unique and compelling nature of our industry allows us to quickly transform innovations into processes and products.

Aerospace R&D

The advances achieved by our Aerospace R&D community gives ample evidence that the Air Force Research Laboratory and their hundreds of industry and university partners in our region have formed the preeminent aeronautical research and development center in the world.

Healthcare and Human Sciences

Aeromedical research, training, and acquisition elements are being consolidated into a Center of Excellence for Human Performance at Wright-Patt, accompanied by 21 existing regional hospitals, medical schools, training facilities and human science-focused businesses.

IT / Data Management

The Dayton Region is a global leader in understanding how the innovative use of information can transform people’s lives.

via – Dayton Region.

But what we really need to invest in is this- the true future of sustainable economic growth:

I’m sure some VC is ready to go to Wall Street to sell this idea- after they get the Ohio Department of Economic Development to give them money- just like UltraCell.

Maybe, if our tax dollars went for what they were supposed to- it would be easier to start and stay in business in Ohio.

But then again- if they start making the Entabulator here… who knows what is possible?

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