Dayton Diode

Quoted in DBJ about Dayton Diode- our hackerspace

Page 3 of Dayton Business Journal, January 28, 2011, published on the 25th anniversary of me buying 113 Bonner Street for $14,500- I’m quoted about economic development; David Esrati, a local political blogger and chief creative officer of Dayton-based advertising agency The Next Wave, said Dayton Diode represents true economic development because it boosts the Read More

Dayton Diode Open House: Feb. 5

Just as Al Gore invented the Internet- or Tony Capizzi brought baseball to Dayton- I’m going to take totally undue credit for this idea: a hackerspace instead of the tax-supported sinkhole called Tech Town. I wrote a post April 12 of 2010 “Tech Town or Tech Shop” and said we should have  “a Front Street Read More