December 2010

Violated, AGAIN- lost count. Chainsaw missing.

I got a chainsaw for Christmas. Used it Sunday afternoon. Went into the garage today- and the window was broken out- and the only thing missing was the chainsaw. They left the case, the extra chain- the oil. They didn’t get anything else- despite there being kids bikes, my safety shield for the chainsaw- and Read More

Barber college gets scalped- City gets beheaded

And despite the efforts of the Dayton Downtown Partnership, one of the few remaining vintage businesses of Downtown is leaving: The owner of a 51-year-old downtown business says it will close today and move to the Dayton Mall area. Dayton Barber College owner Todd LeMaster says police constantly harassed students after a student’s arrest on Read More

A.J. Wagner shows the Governor who’s boss

First Montgomery County Common Please Judge A.J. Wagner is going to retire, so the Dems can appoint a replacement- so they can run as an incumbent, then after the Governor makes his pick- AJ says nope, not handing it over to local attorney Steve Dankof- because apparently, Dankof isn’t going to keep one of A.J.’s Read More

Atlanta has leadership- we have Leitzell.

In Dayton, our solution to the big hole in our population is to decrease the number of homes. It’s a rear guard, defensive effort that puts money into the hands of the demolition contractors (who are big campaign donors) and the landfill operators. And although the analogy that starts this excerpt from Thomas Friedman is Read More

Economic recovery will fail with gas over $3 a gallon: investigate

Retailers just reported a bounce in holiday sales that were actually over what they were pre-meltdown. The very same day- the price of gasoline shoots up to $3.20 a gallon. If the oil companies had any sense, they’d realize that by gouging now, we’ll end up with more people declaring bankruptcy again, prices on everything Read More

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