A male cop, a naked teen girl, and a lack of outrage

Once again, something stinks in Montgomery County. The deputy police chief of the Miami Twp. Police Department, Maj. John DiPietro, who is normally their PR go to guy- who obviously should know better, took it upon himself to “decontaminate” a 17 year old girl who had been pepper sprayed after shoplifting. He did this by Read More

Economic recovery will fail with gas over $3 a gallon: investigate

Retailers just reported a bounce in holiday sales that were actually over what they were pre-meltdown. The very same day- the price of gasoline shoots up to $3.20 a gallon. If the oil companies had any sense, they’d realize that by gouging now, we’ll end up with more people declaring bankruptcy again, prices on everything Read More

How much government are you willing to pay for?

We’re not alone in our battle to be competitive on the global stage. Every other metropolitan area in the county is thinking about regionalization- and rethinking the last 50 years. This article on tells me one thing- we’re behind on the move toward functional organization- all from one indicator: they’ve actually put a price-tag Read More