A.J. Wagner shows the Governor who’s boss

First Montgomery County Common Please Judge A.J. Wagner is going to retire, so the Dems can appoint a replacement- so they can run as an incumbent, then after the Governor makes his pick- AJ says nope, not handing it over to local attorney Steve Dankof- because apparently, Dankof isn’t going to keep one of A.J.’s patronage pals.

Hmmm. Sort of like saying you didn’t bid after you won the auction.

Wagner, a Democrat, said in November that he wanted to retire during an Democratic administration, so that his staff would have a better chance to keep their jobs. After Republican John Kasich defeated Strickland, Wagner decided to retire this year.

“There was no other reason for me to retire at this time,” Wagner said in a letter faxed to Brown. “the person who has been appointed to replace me has informed me he will not keep one of my staff members. Therefore, I am rescinding my resignation effective immediately.”

Wagner said he would be returning all presents and reimbursing the court for the farewell party held in his courtroom on Tuesday.

via A.J. Wagner: I’m not retiring | Dayton Courts: Legal and crime news.

It’s this kind of BS that runs this city into the ground. A.J. should be removed from the bench for lying in office. His pension should be rescinded, and his entire staff should be fired- and have to compete for their jobs back.

It’s time to stop the patronage, political party maneuvering- and start remembering who you work for. Any one in a real world job wouldn’t get away with this for a minute.

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