August 2008

Presidential Slogans: 2008, the year of the fully marketed president

I’ve had a lot on my mind today (fourth post)- and one of them is the difference between the McCain “Country First” slogan and the Obama “Yes we can.” Couldn’t be a bigger difference for an example of old school, top-down marketing and new-school bottom up. You could just about swap “My way” for McCain Read More

Choices: are we the sum of our experience?

The main reason I take the time to write and maintain this blog (besides venting) is so that when it comes time for someone to choose to vote for me or against me- my thoughts are here for them to examine in my own words. In fact, I believe it should be a requirement for Read More

Historic South Park scores with Walk Score – the walkability index

Although I wouldn’t call a closed Sherwin Williams store a “hardware store”- South park scores 71 of 100 on the walkability score. With more than a few of my neighbors walking to work Downtown, to UD, to MVH- it is possible to live in South Park without a car. If and when, Kroger builds their Read More

Denver UniGov! [or, why do I continue to beat a dead horse]

Dayton could be a big meaningful city once again. Very easily. Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville have all seen the light- and Denver too. In Dayton, we can’t even cooperate on a 911 consolidation. If there was ever a natural disaster- we’d still have several different dispatch centers- all having to try to communicate with each other, Read More

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