Sarah Palin

Trayvon Martin should make us question what kind of society we live in

A short excerpt written by me, September 11, 2011 What does Safety Mean? …To the people of South Park- it means going out on patrol to make sure their homes and garages don’t get busted into. via What does “safety” mean?. I was George Zimmerman. After repeated break-ins, I would don a bright green vest, Read More

Another bad actor

Diplomacy- an art that got lost with the huge amounts of money required to run for office in America. Now, we have people who believe politics are war- and superior firepower wins. The sad part is that in this country- almost any idiot can acquire a gun, and create their own movie, starring themselves on Read More

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac aren’t the problem- they’re the symptoms.

There are two approaches to medicine in my humble opinion: one tries to prevent illness or fix what’s causing the symptoms, the other- treats the symptoms and could care less about the cause. Back aches are the best example- often, losing weight, proper shoes, changing mattresses and a lot of pilates/yoga will cure back problems- Read More

Sarah Palin: Cheerleader for the Grand White Party

In the first 15 minutes of her “speech” last night- Sarah talked about her favorite subject: her. In stark contrast to Obama- who specifically said “It’s never been about me, it’s about you.” She also quickly attacked his credentials as an “organizer” compared to her position of Mayor in “her hometown” (forgetting she was born Read More

Choices: are we the sum of our experience?

The main reason I take the time to write and maintain this blog (besides venting) is so that when it comes time for someone to choose to vote for me or against me- my thoughts are here for them to examine in my own words. In fact, I believe it should be a requirement for Read More

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