Presidential Slogans: 2008, the year of the fully marketed president

I’ve had a lot on my mind today (fourth post)- and one of them is the difference between the McCain “Country First” slogan and the Obama “Yes we can.”

Couldn’t be a bigger difference for an example of old school, top-down marketing and new-school bottom up.

You could just about swap “My way” for McCain and “Have it your way” for Obama.

Maybe Obama should change his to “People first” to counter McCain’s “Country first”- but, reacting to McCain is the last thing he needs to do from the drivers seat.

Of course, McCain could change his slogan to “Corporations first” and be right on his money.

If anyone was afraid of the comparison of Obama’s affect on the masses- with comparisons to other charismatic leaders who didn’t turn out to be so benevolent, the whole “Country First” has me almost ready to slap on jack boots and throw one arm up while clutching my belt buckle.

Our Constitution was first and foremost about people first. I never feared John McCain before- but, I’m starting to wonder now.

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