Historic South Park scores with Walk Score – the walkability index

Although I wouldn’t call a closed Sherwin Williams store a “hardware store”- South park scores 71 of 100 on the walkability score. With more than a few of my neighbors walking to work Downtown, to UD, to MVH- it is possible to live in South Park without a car. If and when, Kroger builds their new grocery, we may be one step further away from being considered a ghetto (the current Kroger is still a reminder of our perceived stature).

Take a look at Walkscore.com and see how your neighborhood ranks.

Walk Score: 71 out of 100 — Very Walkable

Walk Score – Helping homebuyers, renters, and real estate agents find houses and apartments in great neighborhoods..

As gas prices continue to rise, walkscores could be a competitive advantage in home valuation.

The site isn’t particularly web 2.0, with no sharing/embedding settings- which would be great for Realtors to add to listings. Some of the provided links for South Park mystify me:

Dayton Gym Club isn’t a park. It’s not even a Gym- but it scores for both. Closest park is Burns Jackson next to 35 behind Emerson Academy. Nearest gym- probably Drakes.

I’ve never heard of Craig library- it’s in MVH apparently. I’d consider the Downtown public library the closest library. Morningside Books isn’t exactly a bookstore- it’s by appointment, and all Civil War, all the time.

The best part of Walkscore- is it identifies Halal International Grocery as our grocer- instead of Kroger.

Even if you don’t care about walkability- it may help some of you learn more about what’s around you.

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The Dame
The Dame

The Sherwin Williams store near Fifth and Wayne? Isn’t closed. Went by there last week. Although it’s primarily for contractors, I hear.


It was open 5 weeks ago – they charge a lot fro paint, but it is good.


THANK YOU for posting this. Jeremiah and I have been quietly angry at our city’s utility organization for pushing xeriscaping, reduced energy usage, et cetera—and the most obvious thing that could help us is completely ignored. We know a couple who live near our house and they think us nuts because we often choose to walk to Target or the independent bakery or the ball field instead of driving the 1.5 miles it takes. People are soft these days and it’s sad that our energy problems are pushed under the rug in the name of “convenience.”

Here’s our crap-ass score of ELEVEN: http://tinyurl.com/5zckfo

David Esrati
David Esrati

Hi Linda-
Sorry about your crappy score.
We’ll all be riding scooters soon enough- but the really smart people will rediscover walkable communities and live/work communities.


Happily, people are embracing scooters here. I want one like yesterday. The Tank is a nice car, but it’s useless for someone who doesn’t haul goods or passengers.


People can’t live without a car. Or you want to live in your little world. Cars will help you to see wonderful places and maybe change your life.

Filled With Remorse
Filled With Remorse

Yeah, FSBO! London, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Bangkok, and yes, even South Park all would have been so much more wonderful and life-changing IF ONLY I had experienced them from inside an SUV!

I feel like such a fool.