Col. Ryan USAF, Ret. Next job: Mayor of Dayton?

Base commanders come and go every two years, but, while granting that Col. Colleen Ryan is special, her appearing in the paper as much as she has lately can only mean one thing: She’s been chosen by the boys club to be the next Mayor of Dayton (sorry for the bad news David Sparks)

Col. Ryan honored by community
Phil Parker, president of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, called Ryan a “blessing” for the community.

She’s bought a house in the Oregon district already, and is tied in closely with the Dayton Development Coalition and the Dayton Area Defense Contractors Association. The chamber loves her- and I’m sure Clay Mathile can find room on the payroll at Aileron to keep her happy until next year when she’d have to face either McLin for her third term- or Dean Lovelace who wants his turn at the center chair before he bows out.

Ryan would raise the money in no time for a race- and the paper would back her in a minute. The real question is who will they pick to go with her? Remember the rule in Dayton politics is you must be able to count to three- and Matt Joseph, although he’d vote for anything she tells him to- isn’t going to start showing leadership anytime soon, and Joey Williams can’t continue to be a bank president and commissioner for too much longer.

Any thoughts on this?

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