Hi, I’m Mayor Whaley and I want to tear down your city

With Nan Whaley leaving the safety of her incumbent seat on the Dayton City Commission to run for Mayor one has to wonder why? The plan for Nan to run for mayor and former mayor Rhine McLin to run for Nan’s empty seat was dashed when Rhine was named to the board of elections taking Read More

Dayton needs to kidnap Hazel McCallion

When Gary Leitzell beat Rhine McLin- most would agree the bar was pretty low. When Mike Turner beat Clay Dixon- most would agree the bar was pretty low. For the most part- our choices for mayor come in the flavor boring. And there are still people who want to elect a strong mayor? I don’t Read More

Col. Ryan USAF, Ret. Next job: Mayor of Dayton?

Base commanders come and go every two years, but, while granting that Col. Colleen Ryan is special, her appearing in the paper as much as she has lately can only mean one thing: She’s been chosen by the boys club to be the next Mayor of Dayton (sorry for the bad news David Sparks) Col. Read More