Col Colleen Ryan

Dayton’s next leaders; part of “The Esrati Plan”

The Dayton Daily News says everyone who is qualified, has left for the suburbs. How wrong they are. As part of the Esrati plan, and if elected, it’s my primary job to find, recruit, mentor and help the next leaders of Dayton. No more unopposed candidates, or incumbents (that’s right, I want a primary even Read More

The Clueless form of Dayton City Management.

When was the last time you heard the City Manager asking the City Commission a question at a Commission meeting? A real question? When was the last time you heard an active discussion about different ways to approach a problem, out in public? That’s the beginning of the reason Dayton is failing to instill confidence Read More

“A gifted strategic thinker”

The Dayton City Paper held a few surprises this week- June 10-16, 2009. It’s mostly about the NCR move to Atlanta. All of a sudden, I’m quotable. In his commentary, Yvan Melnikoff calls me a “gifted strategic thinker” and says that I have “Freely contributed his insights for years and continues to challenge the status Read More

Are you a Veteran who owns a business?

A bit of cross promotion here. If you are a Veteran, or Service Disabled Veteran who owns a business- and are interested in what the Dayton Development Coalition is doing- and progress on BRAC, you may want to come to this meeting on Thursday: Thursday, 11-Jun 2009, featured speaker: Colleen Ryan, VP of the Read More

Vote for Change in 08, but Dems think that Dayton should not change in 09

While Dayton will vote heavily for the Change candidate for President in November, the local slate will be all the same according to today’s Dayton Daily News: Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin … plans to seek a third term. … McLin has also asked the Compensation Board to freeze her salary in 2009 and the salaries Read More

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