Breakfast with the Beatles ain’t the same without Ann Stevens

Sunday, the Fraze hosted Breakfast with the Beatles- only, the chief Beatlemaniac, Ann Stevens wasn’t there. The reason? Clear Channel doesn’t want to pay Annie the remote talent fee because they are cheap bastards.

The typical deal for the jocks is they get paid extra for live appearances- this has been the case for as far back as anyone in radio in this town can remember. For some reason, Clear Channel, seems to think that all the extra work for Ann to haul out to the Fraze- to be seen by hundreds, isn’t worth the extra money. One of the beauties of radio is you can typically do it naked- and no one would know, you know.

Breakfast with the Beatles is Ann’s baby. She’s been doing it for over 10 years on at least 4 different radio stations. If you think Clear Channel is being retarded miserly, call 937-531-6101 and talk to Joanne Weemie and ask her to relay the message.

Don’t tell her I sent you- she’ll figure it out soon enough.

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