Esrati For Congress Video

The campaign trail, via motorcycle

Last night I strapped 10 sign frames to the back of the bike, put the plastic bag signs in the luggage, along with buttons, bumper stickers, and old campaign lit- and made my way down to the Warren County Democrats’ organizational meeting. It may not be the easiest way to get your campaign stuff to Read More

Esrati campaign spot number 4. How much for that politician in office?

This one is a :30. It could run on broadcast TV or cable. Only thing stopping it from happening is money. Is it worth it to the readers of this site to see this on TV? Can you get all your friends to spare $20 to say something about the current dysfunctional American campaign system? Read More

A video dedicated to Congressman Michael Turner, [R] OH-3

When Mike Turner was Mayor, he had me arrested for a silent symbolic protest. We went to court, not once, or twice, but five times. We offered to not file a lawsuit against the City if they dropped charges, but they insisted that I would have to plead guilty to one. They lost five times. Read More

Esrati on the Financial Crisis in video

I’m not a TV anchor, and there was no script. One take. It has errors (watch the pop up titles for corrections)- but, this is in support of my post Economic Stimulus the Esrati way The Fed dropped interest rates 3/4% today. The markets still tanked. The dollar is instantly worth less, and Congress is Read More

Houses of “representatives”? Esrati produces 2nd YouTube spot- priceless

The “House of Representatives” is supposed to represent the general population. The seat is only held 2 years at a time. Perfect for the citizen leader. However, we now have a bunch of millionaire lawyers in the House- and it’s not about to change. I did a little digging so that residents of Ohio-3 can Read More

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