Foreclosure crisis

Why property values and tax revenues are dropping: and how to solve it

Just back from a contentious meeting of Historic South Park Inc. For the last year, the County Prosecutor’s office has been sending high-priced lawyers out to our meeting to answer questions. Of course, since we can’t actually get them to file a case directly, this is a ridiculous waste of resources. Tonight, the two county Read More

Foreclosure crisis hits Esrati.

Last year sucked. But, without going into the details, of why- I’ll walk you through how the banks are working to actively screw people. 10 years ago, I went to US Bank and got a 15 year loan against my house to refinance some business debt. My ad agency is a sole proprietorship, and banks Read More

First campaign commercial- addressing the foreclosure crisis: Esrati: My Neighborhood

No matter where you live in OH-10, you have had it happen. A neighbor loses their job (GM, NCR, Iams, the list goes on) or a family member gets a terminal disease, or gas prices go up to $4 a gallon and begin the slow process toward foreclosure. The banks refuse to renegotiate the loan, Read More

The deed shell game

My father always told me: “You don’t own a house, a house owns you.” I never really understood it until I owned one. Gone is the ability to pick up and move. Gone is the ability to call “the super” or the landlord to deal with things like busted water heaters. Houses depreciate without constant Read More

Dayton Grassroots Daily Show, v 20- Foreclosures

What is the answer to the foreclosure crisis? Greg Hunter and David Esrati don’t have the answers- but, we do have a good argument about it. The banks have been getting bailed out, should the little guy? [youtube][/youtube] Enjoy!

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