Esrati campaign spot number 4. How much for that politician in office?

This one is a :30. It could run on broadcast TV or cable. Only thing stopping it from happening is money. Is it worth it to the readers of this site to see this on TV? Can you get all your friends to spare $20 to say something about the current dysfunctional American campaign system?

Watch it- comment on it- rate it. Tell your friends.

Thanks to Pam for running the camera for me.

[display_podcast] If you want to download it and show it on your iPod, or computer using Quicktime or iTunes. Complete text after the jump-

Complete text and titles:

Open super: American Politics 2008
David Esrati on screen throughout- blues guitar in background.
Esrati: Give me a million dollars and I can be your next Congressman
Super: The average Congressional Campaign cost $750,000 in 2006
Esrati: Give me half a billion dollars and I might be president.
Super: It’s projected that this years Presidential race will cost $2 Billion
Esrati: Spend an hour of your time on my website and I might just earn your vote and your respect.
Super: Special interest money not welcome
Esrati: I’m David Esrati and I approved this message.
Super: [D] Esrati, Honest. To a fault logo
Super:We have the best politicians money can by.
Super: End it.
paid for by Elect Esrati. Mike Robinette Treasurer.

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