A video dedicated to Congressman Michael Turner, [R] OH-3

When Mike Turner was Mayor, he had me arrested for a silent symbolic protest. We went to court, not once, or twice, but five times. We offered to not file a lawsuit against the City if they dropped charges, but they insisted that I would have to plead guilty to one.

They lost five times. Remember, Mike is the one who went to law school, not me.

The protest was about the City Commission meeting in secret, illegally, to discuss ways to silence the citizens at the public open meetings- or at least, turn off the cameras- so the people that the City Commission was elected to represent, couldn’t be heard.

Not being heard, well that’s been a recurring theme for all Americans. We want change in this country-I believe that’s why we voted for a Democratic Congress in 2006. However, our mistake was in our electoral process: one which is more like an auction than an election, with the office going to the biggest fund raiser. We elected people who promptly forgot who voted for them, and it’s been business as usual.

The only way you’ll be heard, is if someone can get elected without selling out. Thanks to the internet, I can be heard- but only if you share this video, and my others, with all of your friends- and if you donate what you can spare.


And, Michael, the tape only stays on in your dreams.

 [display_podcast] if you want to download it to your ipod, iphone or desktop.

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