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Tabloid shocker: Martin Gottlieb finally says I’m bright.

I’ve never gotten a positive word out of the Dayton Daily News editorial board. Most of the time, it reads like a list of elementary school put downs- the only thing they haven’t told me is that I’m ugly and my mother dresses me funny. So, finding this in today’s paper almost has me wondering Read More

Dayton Daily News finally recognizes there is a congressional primary in OH-3

Of course, they didn’t say anything about TV ads in this race until Jane Mitakides produced one. I’ve got 4 ads on YouTube and my TV schedule started today. I didn’t wrap myself in a flag, or talk about me, me, me- Jane sounds just like Hillary.  And, the spot they put up for Charles Read More

On the floor at the Nutter Center waiting for Obama

I was handing out literature at the Kettering Tower ticket line this morning. I had 2 helpers handing out more here. Then, did some campaigning inside, before being asked to stop. The good news- the place is filling up. Hillary spoke to 2000 at Wayne HS, the next president of the United States will be Read More

No Debates, No Forums, and now- no recordings of speeches and putting them on the ‘net.

What is Jane Mitakides thinking? I got a voice mail yesterday from the Warren County Democratic Party chair- stating that some of his members and Jane were upset that I recorded Jane’s presentation and my speech at the meeting and posted it on my site: Real democracy as practiced in Warren County- compare Mitakides to Read More

Forget the DDN and Dem Party endorsements- I’ve got real people endorsing me.

I’m asking you to let me represent you in the “House of Representatives” of our Country. To me, the opportunity to serve the people in this role is almost sacred and the highest honor that you could give me. I’m not perfect (and I get told daily what is wrong with me to the point Read More

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