Dayton residency issues

Residency issue to go to Ohio Supreme Court

Dayton employees will be watching this case as the Ohio Supreme Court weighs in on the rights of cities to establish “home rule”- or the rights of the State to overturn legislation enacted by popular vote. The issue is if cities can require employees to live within the city limits. Dayton passed and reaffirmed this Read More

City takes buyout cues from GM- but forgets the Generous part

Dayton City Manager Rashad Young has distributed a letter offering buyouts- or “Voluntary Separation Plans (VSP) to regular full and part-time employees who are currently members of the Ohio Public Employment System (OPERS). They have until 5pm on Oct 31, 2008 and they must be gone by Dec 31. The package won’t be distributed to Read More

Residency rules and the courts- bad news for Victor Pate

I haven’t forgotten my obligation to my Dayton readers about giving them the up-to-date skinny on what’s happening. It’ll be the same once I’m elected to Congress. Keeping the people informed is what I hope to be best known for (it was the point of the ninja mask after all). Victor Pate was the city Read More

In 1913 Dayton got the Sportsplex idea

Regular readers know I have an idea to build a giant sportsplex downtown on the former Parkside homes location. It’s central to the city, highly visible, a great addition to Riverscape and the Ballpark, dovetails perfectly with the new Kroc center just across the river and would be a strong statement about our belief as Read More

A radical, simple plan to revive Dayton

No one will disagree that the beginning of the downfall of Dayton began with busing in the Seventies. It was called “white flight”- but in reality- it was the beginning of the economic divide in Dayton. The ‘burbs grew, the city shrank, and the seeds were sewn for the mess we’re in now. The health Read More

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